Carlos Herrera gained a degree in architecture by the "Universidad del Valle de Mexico".

He was born in Mexico City, Carlos Herrera is  a Mexican-Canadian, Toronto based  leading designer  with an extraordinary multi-talented gifted mind.



Spanish and English Speaker


Due to his multidisciplinary visual understanding, Carlos Herrera is fully knowledgeable into the following professional topics:

-  Architecture

- Green energy (awareness) 

- Jewelry design

- Happiness and determination

- Luxury & design

- Competitiveness

- Interior design

- Product & transportation design

- Artistic development

- Multidisciplinary = polymath hability 

- Futuristic visualization



Today, J. Carlos Herrera is one of those avant-garde thinkers in doing outstanding contributions, especially in the area of  architecture and his  breaking creations span the entire spectrum of design.

Carlos has been giving conferences at prestigious universities, associations, goverment offices, schools, TV and radio interviews & motivational talks for more than 20 years in  Canada, Mexico &  Colombia

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