CARLOS HERRERA is a multi-awarded brilliant polymath who 

is  reaching  a  top level  of  design  considering  that  all  the

extraordinary and well multidisciplinary - design - ideas come

from the same mind...

                                                          the mind of Carlos Herrera


Carlos Herrera gained a degree in architecture by the "Universidad del Valle de Mexico".

He lives mostly in Toronto, offering his design services locally and overseas. Carlos Herrera is a  Mexican-Canadian leading designer  with an extraordinarily  gifted mind.

During his early childhood, his teachers, parents and friends discovered a peculiar natural talent to create  art and understanding for his own concepts such as; perception, balance and color composition at the early age.


Today, J. Carlos Herrera is one of those avant-garde thinkers in doing outstanding contributions, especially in the area of  architecture and his  breaking creations span the entire spectrum of design.

Today, Carlos Herrera is ranging from urban scale through the micro space designs such as:


Architecture (abroad)     -conceptual Car design

-  Jewelry design                 - Interior concepts

-  Video production            -Psychology theories


-  Artist on canvas             -  Muralist

-  Inventor                          -  Illustrator

-  Thinker                            -  Producer

-  Writer                              -  Designer

-  Speaker                           -  Researcher


Carlos Herrera is backed up with an excellent body of licensed professionals to consolidate a solid team work once it's required to protect the professionalism and ethical values on behalf of the firm clients.

Carlos Herrera laid the foundations of a

luxury, fashionable and impressive multi-disciplinary Canadian design studio.

BY CARLOS HERRERA started making history in the design world  considering  that all the extraordinary and well-defined  multi-design -ideas are conceptualized from the same mind...

the mind of Carlos Herrera.




Because of his deep observation of his surroundings and his unique creativity, he was  victim of bullying  since his childhood, Carlos  believed that being a prodigy child was a matter of embarrassment. So, he told himself to remain silent for more than 30 years,  however, three events changed his life, since then Carlos  reclaimed himself by having the task of finding himself as a polymath person.

" The Universe has complicated codes to be discovered, God is the Master Designer & we become explorers of his works."

                                                                        Carlos Herrera

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